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Cessna T240 Corvalis TTx
The 2014 TTx - Better than ever!

The world just got a little smaller
Cessna TTx receives FAA certification of FIKI system - June 25, 2014!

Cessna TTx Flying Magazine CoverImagine being able to fly at speeds of up to 230 KTAS and at altitudes up to 25,000 feet?  Winter weather concerns?  Inadvertent Icing Protection or Flight into Known Icing Certification is available.  Summer heat?  Thermostat controlled air-conditioning is standard.  The latest in cockpit technology?  The new Garmin G-2000 is resetting the standard for cockpit technology and automation.

Cessna TTx - Why it's better than ever - Flying Magazine

The TTx can fly from Raleigh to Orlando in about 2:30. Compare that to an airline schedule, but don't forget to include parking, lugging bags, check-in, security, boarding, waiting to deplane, luggage get the idea.  Imagine being able to pull your car up to your own plane, load your luggage, departing and upon arrival having the rental car waiting for you?  That is a game changer!

Not a pilot?  No problem, we can help you find a pilot.  Interested in learning to fly?  How about learning while traveling for business?

For more information about the TTx, visit the TTx web page . email or just pick up the phone and call 252.977.1717 and ask for J.B.

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