2013 Cessna TTx and T206 Delivery Positions Available!


With less than two months remaining in 2013, many businesses are performing end of the year financial planning.  This may include looking at assets purchased to take advantage of Bonus Depreciation that is available through the end of this year.

Cessna has a very limited number of TTx and T206 delivery positions remaining.

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To learn more about Bonus Depreciation and other tax benefits of aircraft ownership, here is a briefing paper written by an aviation tax specialist. 

2014 Bonus Depreciation:  It is possible to place an order before December 31, 2013 for a 2014 delivery and take Bonus Depreciation in 2014!  Here is a briefing paper discussing 2014 Bonus Depreciation

Not a Pilot?  We can help you find a pilot to fly your airplane for you.


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