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Learning to fly is one of the amazing challenges that are available in life.  Maybe you have completed your Private Pilot License and are now ready to add your Instrument Rating.

Have you thought about pursuing your Private Pilot or Instrument Rating in your own aircraft?  Imagine flying the same aircraft for every lesson?  Having complete control of the aircraft schedule?  Learning to fly in a NEW aircraft, the same aircraft you will be flying after you complete your training!  This program is not limited to the Skyhawk, maybe you would like to complete your Instrument Rating in a new Skylane JT-A or Turbo Stationair? 

Cessna Aircraft has partnered with the Cessna Pilot Center to offer the "Catch the Sky Program".  Through the Catch the Sky program, if you earn your Private Pilot License or Instrument Rating in your Factory New Cessna Piston Aircraft, Cessna will reimburse you $3,000.  If there is not a CPC in your area, no problem, we can work with your local flight school.

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