Cessna Grand Caravan EX 

Cessna 208 Caravan Series

"I need a plane that will carry___________"  That is one of the most common ways people start a conversation about a Caravan.  The Caravan is the most flexible, reliable and well-respected aircraft in its category. 

The story of each Caravan is unique.  Some live a life of leisure, carrying their owners and families on weekend trips and vacations.  Some work for a living, flying passengers on many flights every day.  Some are night owls, flying night cargo.  Others are based in exotic locations and have the opportunity to see giraffe on the Masai Mara, Orca playing around the San Juan Islands or beach goers enjoying the Caribbean sunshine. 

What story will your Caravan write?  Maybe you are looking for a plane to replace your Stationair, to give you more room and payload.  Maybe you are looking for the simplicity and reliability of the legendary Pratt & Whitney PT6 engine. 

Caravan Family of Aircraft:
Cessna offers two basic variations of the Caravan, plus the Super Cargomaster.  Both variations are equipped with the Garmin G1000 Avionics Suite and are powered by versions of the PT6 engine.  Certification for Flight into Known Icing is available.

The Caravan is the original Caravan and is a perfect personal use aircraft.  It has the same basic cabin as its larger sibling, the Grand Caravan EX, but the fuselage is a few feet shorter.

The Grand Caravan EX is new to the Caravan family for 2013.  The EX has a more powerful PT6A-140 engine that provides over 850 shp.  This provides shorter takeoff distances, quicker climb rates and faster cruise performance.

Both can be outfitted to meet your needs.  Are you looking for a luxurious interior to pamper your guests (including a flushing potty)? Then the Oasis Interior is what you are looking for.  Maybe your runway is water, not asphalt?  Then the Caravan Amphibian is the solution.  Maybe you need an aircraft that can work during the week and play on the weekend? Then the standard commuter will give you seats when you need them, or cargo space when you don't.   All of these needs can be met.

If you are looking for a pure cargo utility version, then the Super Cargomaster will fill your need.  This utility version has no windows, and is designed to work for a living. 

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