Garmin G1000 Avionics Suite

The Standard by which other avionics systems are measured.

The G1000 has become the de facto standard by which other avionics suites are measured.  In less than 10 years, the G1000 has redefined "minimum equipment" for aircraft, and not just single-engine piston aircraft.  The Cessna Mustang uses this same system.  The basic G1000 package in the Cessna 172, 182 series and T206 includes a large Primary Flight Display and a Multi-Function Display.  These displays are fed by dual WAAS GPS Receivers, dual communication and navigation radios, an Attitude and Heading Reference System (think electronic gyroscope), and an air data computer.  The system also includes a transponder with a standard traffic information system and Garmin's Safe Taxi system.

The Garmin GFC700 Autopilot has raised the bar for light aircraft autopilot systems.  This system is capable of flying the programed navigation route, including the approach down to minimums.  The capability of this system greatly reduces the workload, allowing the pilot to monitor the aircraft systems, aircraft position and maintain situation awareness.  En route, the pilot can select either a climb via vertical speed mode or airspeed mode.  The GFC700 is an option on the 172 and is standard on the 182 series and the T206.

All of the G1000 equipped piston aircraft from Cessna can be equipped with XM Weather and Radio, giving the pilot current weather information and providing the pilot and passengers with XM Radio entertainment through the integrated intercom system.  The Garmin TAWS system is also an option, providing the pilot with terrain and obstacle data.  To increase situational awareness, Garmin's Synthetic Vision system is available on the full piston line as well.  The Synthetic Vision System provides a 3D like experience for the pilot on the Primary Flight Display and presents airport, terrain and obstacles in an intuitive display format as well as providing traffic alert displays if the optional GTS800 Traffic Awareness System is installed.

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