Cessna Turbo Skylane 182 JT-A 

2014 Cessna 182 Turbo Skylane JT-A

Did you know that Cessna has built more than 22,500 Skylanes since the original design was introduced in 1956?  If you were to put an original Skylane next to a new one, you would recognize the heritage, but the improvements would be amazing. 

"Best All-Around"

The Skylane has a reputation as being one of the best all-around four-place single-engine aircraft ever built.  A comfortable cabin, large baggage area, incredible visibility all combine combined with the optional air-conditioning will keep your passengers comfortable and make the trip enjoyable.  The ability to use grass-fields, yet mix with turbine aircraft at larger airports. 

There comes a point in every products life when it is time to make a change...

What if you could reduce fuel consumption by 30-40%?  This would reduce your cost of flying and would also gives a full-fuel range of over 1,000 nm at Max Cruise Power and over 1,400 nm range at Max Range Cruise - that is coast-to-coast with one fuel stop!  The innovative Jet-A fuel burning SMA power plant is the answer.  This new engine is built on years of testing and is an upgraded version of an engine that has been out in the field for years.

SMA EngineTurbo-charged piston engine flying is being redefined.  Imagine a single power-lever?  No mixture or prop control?  All of these functions are automated with the new electronic engine controls.  The dreaded summer "hot-start" scenario is a thing of the past - just turn the key and the engine starts.  Engine noise and vibration are reduced.  The prop turns at 2,200 RPM resulting in lower cabin, ramp and fly-over noise.  The maintenance direct operating costs will be lower than the gasoline version.  Oil change intervals are every 100 hours.  The current TBO is 2,400 hours, and there is a possibility of seeing that increase to 3,000 hours. 

The engine is optimized for flight in the 10,000' to 14,000' altitude range, with a certified ceiling of 20,000 feet.  Most Turbo 182's operate in the 10,000 to 14,000' altitude range currently, and this new 182 is designed to operate at these altitudes.

The Skylane JT-A keeps all of the features customers love in the current aircraft:  Garmin G1000 Avionics suite, including the amazing GFC700 Autopilot, XM Data-Link Weather and Entertainment, cabin size that is perfect for four people and luggage and the legendary ruggedness of the Skylane.  It then adds the latest in engine technology. 

Cessna is working on certification and delivery timelines.  Once these dates are available, we will update this site and provide information about demonstration flights and delivery dates.

Need a little more room?
If the Skylane JT-A is not large enough for you or you are in need of a product now, the take a look at the Turbo Stationair.  This six seater has the room to haul your family, or, take out the back bench seat and you have a four seater with a huge cargo area and double cargo doors to load it through!

Need a little lot more speed?
If you have a need for more speed than the Skylane JT-A can provide, then we have a solution for you.  Take a look at the Cessna TTx!


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