Cessna TTx T240



The fastest fixed-gear single-engine aircraft in production today. That is quite a claim! Did you know that Cessna holds two speed records in production aircraft?  The TTx and the Citation X - the worlds fastest civillain aircraft in production today.

Technology meets function in the new TTx. The remaking of the TTx is so comprehensive that Cessna even changed the Model Number on the Type Certificate Data Sheet with the FAA - the NEW T240 is born! The TTx airframe is all composite, resulting in incredibly smooth surfaces which reduce drag. The true side-stick control connects to flight controls via push-rods giving the pilot precise control and incredible feed-back. The controls are so well balanced, you may just be reluctant to use the autopilot! The available Flight into Known Icing Certification allows the pilot to complete trips that would have been impossible in the past and provides a higher level of safety.

Cessna Corvalis TTx G-2000 Panel

The new Garmin G2000 avionics suite is the newest, most advanced avionics system available from Garmin today in the piston market. The G2000 system uses the same basic system as the Part 25 (Transport Category) avionics suite that is going into the new Citation X. This is not just a display upgrade, but a new level of safety and design standards for Garmin. The new 14", 1280 x 800 high definition displays provide more area to display more information.  In fact, the Multi-Function Display can be subdivided to display the engine data, a moving map display and the approach chart.  The effect is like adding a second multi-function display.  The TTx is equipped with Garmin's EPS Envelope Protection System that is active at all times.  If excess bank, pitch or descent rates are induced the pilot, the EPS System will put in subtle corrections to bring the aircraft back to straight and level, however, the pilot is always in control and can override the system with adequate control forces.

Cessna Corvalis TTx G-2000 Touch Controller
The pilots interface with the avionics system is a touch-pad controller with an intuitive menu design.  The standard Garmin G2000 system includes dual AHRS units, Digital 3D Audio that will bias alerts like a "TRAFFIC" callout to the correct side of your headset to help you quickly locate the traffic.  In addition Garmin TAWS-B, GDL69A XM Weather and Entertainment, GTS-800 Active Traffic System and Synthetic Vision are all standard on the TTx. The Garmin Iridium Satellite Data System is an option allowing you to receive weather information outside of the US and the ability to send and receive text messages in flight - imagine texting ahead to let your family or business colleagues know when you will be landing.  To provide the highest level of safety in back-up instruments, Cessna is installing the Trilogy Electronic Instrument System This is the same unit that is installed on the new Citation M2 Jet.  The electrical system also has dual alternators and dual batteries.

Passenger comfort isn't sacrificed to speed or efficiency.  The cabin is 49 inches wide, giving the pilot and passengers plenty of elbow room.  To keep things cool on those warm Southern summer days, Air-Conditioning is standard - just set the desired cabin temperature and relax.  Are you interested?  Would you like additional information?  Contact us to talk about the exciting new 2013 TT

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