The 2015 Cessna Piston Family


If you haven't flown a Cessna lately, then, you are in for a surprise.  If you learned to fly in an older Cessna, then you need to take a look at what the latest generation aircraft from Cessna has to offer - Garmin Glass Avionics, XM Weather and Entertainment, GFC700 Autopilot, Synthetic Vision and even Enhanced Vision (Infrared Camera) Systems.  Times have changed and Cessna is leading the charge!

Cessna' commitment to innovation and technology is evident in all of the products in the Single Engine Piston line for 2014.  Cessna is leading the change into the world of Jet-A powered piston aircraft with the Skylane JT-A. 

No other aircraft manufacturer offers the variety of aircraft equal to the line offered from Cessna Aircraft. If you are looking for a serious, no-compromises business transportation tool, then the Corvalis TTx is worth serious consideration. 

Not a pilot yet?  No problem.  With the Catch The Sky program Cessna will give you $3,000 after earning your Private Pilots License or Instrument Rating, contact us for details.  Air Care will even include a CPC Private Pilot or Instrument Pilot Kit with the purchase of your aircraft if you are going to earn a license or rating.

Already a pilot?  Then you will truly enjoy the G1000/G2000 Transition Course that is included with the purchase of each new piston aircraft.  This program is offered at the Cessna Independence, KS facility and is the highest rated training program provided by Cessna. 

As a sales team, we are here to help you consider the aircraft available and to determine the best match for your needs.  Contact us to discuss your needs and the solutions available.


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