Partner CPC's


Air Care is proud to partner with Cessna Pilot Center's (CPC) in our territory.  Each of these flight schools is an approved CPC, teaching the approved Cessna Curriculum

Burlington Aviation, Burlington, NC

WNC Aviation, Fletcher, NC


Learn to Fly in Your NEW Cessna!

The Cessna "Catch The Sky" program is designed reimburse your training costs when you buy a factory new Cessna Piston Aircraft.  For more information click on the Catch The Sky logo above, or email Dave Fossler for more details.


Interested in joining the CPC Program?

Is your flight school committed to high quality instruction and customer service?  Then joining a team of flight schools world-wide that are changing the way people learn to fly may be a fit for your school.  The ability to affiliate with Cessna Aircraft, the world leader in General Aviation, be able to use the industry leading curriculum and have access to marketing assistance programs are just part of what the CPC Program offers.  If you operate a flight school and are interested in joining the Cessna Pilot Center Program, please contact Dave Fossler for more information.

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