Kelly Aerospace ThermaCool Electric Cessna Air Conditioning


Tired of sweating on those hot summer days?

The Kelly Aerospace Electric Cessna Air Conditioning system can be installed on the 172R, 172S, 182S, T182T,182T and the T206.  This system is now the factory installed optional air conditioning system for these piston aircraft.

This system can be operated on the ground by an external electrical cart or, as soon as the engine is running, by the aircraft electrical system.  The cabin temperature can be reduce by 20 degrees in 5 minutes!

Cessna Air ConditioningThe system is installed in the aft luggage compartment with a minimal loss in cargo space.  The installation weight on the 182 (shown) is 55 pounds, with similar installed weight on the 172.  The 206 system is only 60 pounds.

The system can be operated during all portions of the flight, including taxi, take-off and landing, allowing you to keep the cabin cool and you and your passengers comfortable. 

Kelly Aerospace Electric Air ConditioningThe Cessna 182 and 206 installations distribute conditioned air via overhead vents - not interfering with leg-room or the factory installed cup-holders.  Five fan settings are available with the highest setting providing 550 CFM.

Kelly Aerospace Electric Cessna Air ConditioningThe system is controlled by a panel installed on the co-pilots side of the instrument panel allowing you to set a desired temperature or fan-speed.

Kelly Aerospace also offers an optional Dual Alternator installation that can be done at the same time.  This provides you with a back-up alternator.

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